How to play sweet bonanza

In order to launch Sweet Bonanza and immerse yourself in the game, you should follow a series of fairly simple steps. First you need to create an account in an online casino where the library has this slot. Then you need to go to the page with the game and start it. In the window that opens, you need to select the amount of the bet before starting the round. The default beta value is 25 cents. To earn in Sweet Bonanza, you need to spin the reels and try to make winning combinations of symbols. There are up to 65 cells on the screen at the same time, and in order to earn money, you need to make an area of ​​at least four identical images based on the results of the rotation. The reels are rotated using the Cluster Pays mechanic, which is why the application does not use paylines. This gives greater variability in making profitable combinations and increases the chances of earning money, since the same elements can fall out in any area of ​​the playing field. As a result of the round, cells with additional features may appear on the reels:

  • Prize Drop – a bonus element, when activated during subsequent spins, special cells can drop out that bring solid additional income, and the maximum profit is x21000 bets;
  • Wild elements replace other symbols and help to form winning combinations;
  • Scatter – such scatter symbols award a certain reward to the account or trigger free spins, to activate, you need at least three such elements on the screen at the end of the round;
  • Free Spins – when dropped out, free spins are launched, during which the gambler is able to receive income without any risk.

You can get more detailed information about all the values  in the corresponding help section located in the slot menu.


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The automatic mode is good because it allows the gambler to relax and unwind while the game itself will make rotations. To activate it, you need to check the autoplay checkbox and specify the number of rounds that the application should play on its own. After that, all that remains is to lean back in your chair and watch how the slot earns money on its own.

Ante bet

The developers have implemented the Ante Bet function in Sweet Bonanza. Thanks to it, the client is able to make an additional bet, which will increase the size of the main bet, and can also trigger free spins and help earn a large amount. The range of Ante Bet in the application varies from 20 cents to 6 dollars.

Tumble function

If a winning combination appears on the screen, the symbols participating in it disappear, and the top ones fall in their place from above. If a profitable combination is formed on the reels again. the procedure is repeated until there are no areas with identical cells. This feature is called Tubmle. With proper luck, the player is able to use it to get a solid income in just one spin.


The probability of making a profitable combination in Sweet Bonanza is 96.51%. The slot has high volatility. This means that the rounds played are less likely to win, but when making a successful combination, a gambler can count on more income than in games with low volatility.

Minimum bet

The smallest bet in Sweet Bonanza is 0.25 cents. This suggests that even without a large budget, the user is able to play many rounds and try to increase the available capital.

Maximum bet

The highest bet in the slot is $125. Playing at this level will require a decent amount of money on your account, but if you win, the gambler can become much richer.


The maximum possible win has a x21000 multiplier. Thus, if it falls out at the highest bet, an amount of $2,625,000 will be credited to the client’s account.

How to win at Sweet Bonanza

A successful strategy for playing Sweet Bonanza must be developed taking into account the parameters of the application. An RTP of 96.51% and a high volatility speak volumes. that on average, for every $100 spent on bets, there will be $96.51 in winnings. And due to high volatility, a whole group of consecutive rounds can turn out to be losing ones. But then the player is guaranteed to be waiting for a big prize. Thus, the most optimal strategy is a protracted game with a large number of spins. So the account balance is enough to wait for the winning round with a very valuable combination. Also, whenever possible, you should use Free Spins and other bonus activities. They will help you earn extra money, and maybe even hit a big jackpot. Each profitable combination multiplies the bet by a certain value.

  • bananas – from x5 to x40;
  • blue grapes – from x8 to x80;
  • watermelons – from x10 to x100;
  • plums – from x16 to x160;
  • apples – from x20 to x200;
  • blue caramel – from x30 to x240;
  • green caramel – from x40 to x300;
  • lollipops – from x50 to x500;
  • hearts – from x200 to x1000.

More information about symbols and their value can be found in the help section.

Tips, cheats, tricks

Since the authors made sure that gamblers play Sweet Bonanza honestly, there are no cheats for it. However, understanding the principle of the slot, you can increase the chances of winning in legal ways:

  • given the high variance of the game, you should always try to bet the highest possible bet;
  • free spins need to be activated as often as possible;
  • when activating the Prize Drop, you need to try to earn the largest amount;
  • you must try to make combinations of the most expensive symbols.

Trying to follow these tips, the gambler will be able to significantly increase the chances of a solid income.

Applying Bid Strategies

Experienced gamblers have long developed their own betting strategies that allow you to earn a decent amount. But beginners should not be discouraged either, as they are able to use one of the ready-made tactics. These include the Fibonacci system and the Martingale system. The Fibonacci method is to increase the bet after each loss, and it is equal to the sum of the previous two. For example, if the last two rounds were unsuccessful, and the bet in them was $1 and $2, then the player bets $3 on the third round, and $5 on the fourth. As a rule, when the rotation finally turns out to be profitable, then the person pays off the previous bets due to the prize and remains in the black. The Martingale system is similar to the Fibonacci method, only here the client doubles the bet size after losing. For example, if a round with a bet of $7 was unsuccessful,


Sweet Bonanza is a great slot machine with lots of earning opportunities. Simple rules allow both experienced gamblers and beginners to enjoy it to the fullest. A simple interface makes control intuitive and easy.

Sweet Bonanza